Recall of packets of rice sold at Lidl containing carcinogenic toxins

If you have a packet of rice from the Golden Sun brand, sold by Lidl, Rappel Conso recommends that you “stop consuming it” and “return it to the point of sale”.

If you recently bought basmati rice from Lidl, beware of the barcode on your package. The Rappel Conso site has published a reference which would contain the presence of aflatoxins. These are toxins produced by moulds, in other words fungi which generally arrive in hot and humid countries. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA),aflatoxins are genotoxic and carcinogenic” for the man.

This product has normally been removed from the shelves but it is better to check the barcode. The problematic one is the EAN code 20073763. For the time being, it only concerns one-kilo packets of the Golden Sun brand, sold by Lidl.

If you have this product, Rappel Conso recommends “stop consuming it“, of “bring it back to the point of sale” and of “contact consumer service“. Note that you have until January 09, 2023 to recall the product.

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