Recall: Shards of glass in rice in several supermarkets

Please do not eat this rice anymore – it contains broken glass

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There is a major recall for rice, which can contain dangerous broken glass. The rice was sold in several supermarkets.

Many people changed their purchasing behavior during the corona pandemic. While people used to rummage in supermarkets every day and after their appetite, the trend is now declining towards weekly shopping. Because: the less we socialize, the lower the risk of infection. The logical consequence also means that larger stocks are accumulated again. They should be checked now.

A nationwide rice recall was published. As reported by the "" portal, among others, one type of sushi rice may contain pieces of glass. Therefore, consumption is strongly discouraged. The rice was sold in supermarkets across Germany; it is said to have been mainly sold at EDEKA and Marktkauf.

Rice recalled about broken glass

Is concrete The following sushi rice is affected by the recall:

  • "Mìng Chú" sushi rice
  • in the 500 gram pack
  • Company: Kreyenhop & Kluge GmbH & Co
  • Best before date: 10/14/2022

The rice is said to have already been taken off the market, so products from the supermarket shelves should currently no longer pose a risk. However, if you have sushi rice at home, you should Check the best-before date urgently and dispose of or return the rice if necessary. In the sales outlets, customers should have the purchase price refunded without any problems, even without presenting a receipt.

Please do not consume any more

The manufacturer strongly advises against consuming the product. Although it is a recall from preventive consumer protection, it cannot be ruled out that there are pieces of glass in the rice pack. In the worst case, they can lead to internal injuries. The sushi rice no longer belongs on the plate.

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