Recharge energy: Witch reveals her morning and evening ritual

Do you feel drained all the time? This may be because your energies are not flowing properly. A witch revealed to us her rituals with which she charges her energy.

Actually, you've slept enough. And yet you wake up in the morning exhausted. The week ahead feels like a marathon for which neither your head nor your body are armed. You just lack the energy lately, would you perhaps describe your condition to others. But it does not occur to you that your complaints actually have something to do with energies.

However, Elanor knows that numerous problems can have something to do with the flow of energy. She calls herself a "witch", even if this term has been misdirected over the last century as well as some energies. In her shop in Hamburg-Winterhude, where we visited her, Elanor not only sells her own herbal and incense mixtures, but also offers numerous applications. Through tarot sessions and aura analyzes, she tries to help people who have stalled at some point in their life.

Energy flows are not a rich witch thing, in fact they play a role in all sorts of areas of alternative medicine, spirituality and also in yoga. Energy is diligently vibrated and placed in the right stretchers so that people feel good. Most of them have already felt the complaints of a lack of energy – but rarely associated them with this cause.

Morning and evening rituals to recharge your batteries

"When you get up in the morning and actually slept well, but don't feel relaxed at all. When that goes on for a long time, that you don't get going, all day thinking that I am tired and want to go back to bed", Elanor explains to us in her back room, "can be the typical sign" that we are literally lacking in energy.

She knows the problems herself, but needs a lot of energy every day to concentrate on her tasks. That's why she tries every morning and evening to recharge her energies. And you don't have to be a witch for this ritual – it can actually help each of us regain strength.

"What I do in the morning is conscious breathing", reveals Elanor. Because even if it is a reflex, many people forget to breathe properly in everyday life. In her morning ritual, the witch is concerned with perception: "I breathe in and out very consciously. When I breathe in, I draw my energy upwards – and when I breathe out I release stress and fatigue." Concentrating entirely on breathing for a moment, imagining positive vibrations being inhaled and negative vibrations exhaling, can already help to start the day more charged.

Elanor also follows a ritual in the evening to avoid taking the negative energies of the day into bed. You could call it home wellness. An herbal bath, candlelight and music would help to leave the stress behind. The most important ingredient in water: salt, because it has an energetic cleansing effect. By the way, this is again about conscious perception: the bathroom, the scents, the dimmed light appeal to the senses. For a moment you only concentrate on yourself and your surroundings – and draw new energy from it.

What do we learn from our visit to Elanor? It is worth listening to a witch. Because their age-old techniques are ultimately the same as what we would nowadays call self-care and mindfulness. We just have to make time for them. Because even tiny moments of pausing in the morning and evening can provide us with fresh energy for the whole day.