Recipe for “Hot Grandma”: This is how the creamy winter cocktail with eggnog succeeds

“Hot Grandma”
This winter cocktail brings that cozy “après-ski” feeling home with you

Luckily, this winter cocktail doesn’t just taste good “at the hut”.


Do you miss the mountains this winter? This delicious winter recipe will help you bring some of that rustic “après ski” feeling home.

After many ski slopes remained empty last winter, many winter sports fans can hardly wait for their skiing holiday. And this delicious cocktail can increase the anticipation even more.

This winter cocktail helps against mountain pain

The warm winter cocktail “Hot Grandma” is a real “après ski” classic – but fortunately it also tastes good in the countryside. In the video we show you step by step which ingredients you need and how the cocktail is prepared.

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