Recipe for the weekend: fruity watermelon cocktail made from just 3 ingredients

Ring in the weekend
Summer watermelon cocktail made from just 3 ingredients

A fruit explosion in a cocktail glass: the watermelon margarita is the perfect summer refreshment.


Sweet and juicy: watermelons are now not only a pleasure in summer on their own or in a salad, but are also perfect as a cocktail ingredient.

This summer cocktail is really exactly to our taste: delicious, refreshing and a real feast for the eyes! And replenishment is provided in just a few seconds, because it can be mixed together very easily and from just a few ingredients.

The watermelon margarita will sweeten the summer of 2021

In the video we show you which ingredients you need for the watermelon cocktail and how you can easily modify it. So the next summer evening with your best friend can come – cheers!

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