Recipe video: Blitz Hollandaise is ready in two minutes

Asparagus season
Hollandaise sauce: This instant recipe is ready in just two minutes

Don’t worry: Homemade hollandaise is not as difficult as many believe


Hollandaise sauce and fresh asparagus are simply the best spring dream couple that can land on our plates. See here how you can easily prepare a delicious hollandaise yourself in no time at all.

The asparagus season has finally started – and what could be nicer than fresh asparagus with potatoes and a delicious hollandaise sauce? For the sauce, many of us use the ready-made product from the tetrapack or a pre-mixed bag because it saves time and is easy. After all, there is a chilling rumor about the homemade hollandaise that it would be incredibly difficult to get. This quick recipe shows that this is not the case.

Homemade Hollandaise: Ready in two minutes

In fact, you don’t have to have completed training as a star chef to make a hollandaise that beats any finished product by far. All you need is butter, eggs, a little lemon, salt – and a lot of perseverance with the whisk. In the video you can see step by step how the lightning recipe works.

Source: RTL