Record: First YouTube video with more than 10 billion views

For the first time, a YouTube video has more than ten billion views. That’s what the video is about.

The YouTube video “Baby Shark” has set a new record. It is the first YouTube video to reach more than 10 billion views. This is already the second record set by this children’s video.

Because Baby Shark has been the most watched video on YouTube since November 2020. So breaking the 10 billion clicks mark is just another milestone.

That’s what Baby Shark is all about

Baby Shark is a children’s song just over two minutes long. The South Korean education company Pinkfong produced the video in 2016 and published it on YouTube. Since then it has become a viral hit. The text goes back to an older nursery rhyme. In the video, two children tell the story of a shark family (baby shark, mother shark, father shark, grandma shark, grandpa shark) and their hunt for fish with impressive facial expressions and gestures. The video begins briefly with the well-known and menacing title music of the classic film “Jaws”, until it mutates into a funny children’s song.

German variant is more oblique

In Germany, however, the funny version by Alexandra Müller ( Alemuel ) from 2007 should be better known. This also went viral at the time. To date, this German version, which at just under 1:50 minutes is slightly shorter than the English-language record holder and comes across as significantly “weird”, has received over 23.6 million views.

Incidentally, on the English-language Wikipedia page there is a list of the most-clicked YouTube videos.

Baby Shark is new most viewed youtube video

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