Record for US electric car maker: Tesla succeeds in winning billions for the first time

Record for US electric car makers
Tesla succeeds in winning billions for the first time

A shortage of chips and raw materials is causing problems for other carmakers, but Tesla doesn’t seem to be able to do that: The US electric car maker delivered more vehicles than ever before and posted a record in the company’s history with its first billion-dollar profit. But the share reacts cautiously.

The US electric car maker Tesla has managed another quarter with record results and earned more than a billion dollars in a quarter for the first time. Elon Musk’s company increased its surplus tenfold in the three months to the end of June year-on-year to $ 1.1 billion. This was announced by Tesla after the US stock market closed in Palo Alto. Revenues grew 98 percent to a total of $ 12.0 billion.

Tesla Motors (USD) 657.62

Tesla also emphasized that the construction of the first plant in Europe in Grünheide near Berlin is on schedule. This year, the first e-cars should roll off the assembly line there. Given various hurdles and inconsistencies at the bureaucratic level, the uncertainty about the timetable had increased in recent months. However, there was a setback at Tesla’s semi-truck – Tesla postponed the first deliveries of the semi-trailer to 2022. The quarterly figures clearly exceeded the forecasts of the analysts. The share reacted relatively cautiously after the trading hours, even if there were significant price gains of up to around three percent at times.

Tesla also achieved record levels in delivery and production in the last quarter. The company sold 201,304 e-cars to customers and produced 206,421 units – more than ever in a single quarter since the company was founded in 2003. Tesla largely defied the computer chip and raw material shortages that recently plagued the rest of the auto industry. Even though the company warned that the supply of chips and components would remain difficult and that growth could slow down in the second half of the year, it did not compromise on its goals – on the contrary. Tesla has so far aimed to increase its deliveries by 50 percent in 2021 after more than half a million cars in the previous year. The group has now announced that it is anticipating even stronger growth.

Loss of millions when investing in the crypto market

Only Tesla’s Bitcoin involvement, with which Musk has been shaking up the crypto market since February, no longer developed as successfully as in the previous quarter in view of the sharp price slide. After Tesla’s original $ 1.5 billion investment in the best-known cyber currency in the first quarter of 2021 led to special proceeds of around $ 100 million, the group now had to write off $ 23 million on Bitcoin holdings. Their balance sheet value was last at 1.31 billion dollars.

The electric car pioneer once again benefited greatly from trading in emissions certificates that other car manufacturers need to improve their emissions balance and thus meet legal requirements in California and Europe, for example. Tesla made $ 354 million on this deal in the second quarter. Since the proceeds have a virtually 100% profit margin, they are extremely lucrative for Tesla. However, its importance has recently fallen sharply – both a year ago and in the previous quarter, the yield was significantly higher.