Red Carpet 2024: The best looks from the red carpet

These are the biggest film premieres, award ceremonies and galas in the world, where international stars such as Margot Robbie, 33, and Leonardo DiCaprio, 49, flock. Actors, singers, models and film directors come together in London, Hollywood or Paris to celebrate together: not only their own success, for which they have worked long in front of or behind the camera, but also to celebrate the achievements of their colleagues. The red carpets rolled out especially for this purpose are much more than just venues or the showplace for pictures that will be remembered. The red carpet is sometimes the place where an actor is honored for his life’s work – a momentous moment for which one dresses up especially.

Stars and starlets show off their gorgeous gowns

The red carpet has almost become a catwalk for the most exclusive fashion pieces. From extravagant designs of new collections from Prada to Gucci to elaborate custom-made pieces – the big spotlight on these evenings certainly does not only belong to the wearers. But important archive dresses are also brought out. These vintage pieces tell stories from past fashion decades and give the events an additional historical dimension. It is not uncommon for stars to even set trends themselves on these evenings that will be talked about for a long time afterwards. Who knows, maybe they are already wearing the next archive dress of the future?

Brilliant jewelry complements the looks

The glam look doesn’t end with the outfit, however, but also extends to the sparkling jewelry that adorns the necks, wrists and ears of celebrities. Names like Cartier, Tiffany and Bulgari are setting new standards in terms of elegance and sophistication, boasting precious diamonds, gemstones and artistic designs. Every sparkling pendant and every delicate wristwatch tells its own story of luxury and style, which is also told glamorously on the big red carpets.


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