Red hair: Julianne Moore reveals her routine to keep them flamboyant

Julianne Moore always flaunts beautiful facial skin and well-groomed red hair. The actress reveals her beauty secrets.

Actress Julianne Moore is one of these actresses who do not look their age. At 62, the one who recently became the ambassador of Hourglass has remained an icon whose fresh skin makes envy more than one. And we can say that Julianne Moore is very straddling his skincare routine, which she does not hesitate to share with her fans. In an interview with vogue, the mother of Liv Freundlich explained that her mother has always been very careful with the sun. She also does the same.

Today the care productswhich sublimate my skin, are those to which I attach the greatest importance“, said Julianne Moore to vogue. In an interview with Madame Figarothe 62-year-old actress reflects on what his mother told him about the sun. “When I was little, my mother made sure I didn’t spend too much time outside in the sun.“, can we read in the article of Madame Figaro dated March 2, 2023. For keep beautiful, radiant and fresh skinJulianne Moore advises using sunscreen and staying as far away from the sun as possible.

Julianne Moore’s tips for natural red hair

For her red hair, Julianne Moore reveals that she uses a semi-permanent color. “It wears off, so I have to apply it more regularly than other hair color, but I like the way the product reacts with my hair“, explained the actress. Julie Anne Smith also explains that it does not damage her hair at all and that these remain very natural. Julianne Moore doesn’t wash her hair very often, once a week, she mentioned. And for good reason, the actress has very dry and curly red hair.

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