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Nothing is more effective than a few scissors to redefine your beautiful red hair. But, which haircut to choose? Some are more preferable than others depending on your age, your personality, the nature of your hair and the shape of your face. So how do you get there? Explanations.

Red hair: which cut to choose?

As we mentioned above, it is above all necessary to choose your haircut depending on the shape of his face. Exit too short cuts if the face is too round or too square: it is better to keep a certain length for a more harmonious result. You can for example opt for a sublime long square, very trendy this year. If you have a bulging forehead and want to blur this effect, nothing is more effective than a straight or styled bangs on the side.

Red hair: how to maintain its color?

The cut: it's done! Although a sexy and glamorous cut works, it is equally important tomaintain its color. Whether you are redheaded naturally or have gone through the coloring box after having succumbed to a pretty copper or orange roux, certain gestures are essential to keep a bright color in the long term. We favor shampoos for colored hair (ideally henna shampoos that will bring out your pretty reflections). We opt for masks rich in moisturizing active ingredients (which we leave on for about ten minutes before rinsing). Apply a pigmented treatment once every two weeks for 30 minutes, to instantly wake up your color. Finally, we don't forget to go to the hairdresser every two months or so to maintain its roots and revive its lengths.

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