“Red Notice”: Two successors already planned?

“Red Notice”
Two successors already planned?

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“Red Notice” could soon become Netflix’s biggest hit. How about a second and third part?

So far, “Bird Box” with Sandra Bullock (57) is the most successful film on Netflix. No other flick was watched longer on the streaming service within the first 28 days of being released. But this mark could be broken by “Red Notice” soon.

And even if that doesn’t work out, the adventure with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (49), Gal Gadot (36) and Ryan Reynolds (45) is a real hit with the audience. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber (46) reveals in an interview with the industry magazine “The Hollywood Reporter“whether there could be one or maybe even several successors.

“I think this is a real possibility”

“I think that’s a real possibility,” replied Thurber when asked about possible sequels. He also had an answer to a rumor that a second and third part could be filmed directly one after the other: “If we were to do a sequel, the only thing responsible would be to shoot parts two and three immediately one after the other.” Since it is a huge production, such a procedure is better for everyone involved and also “for my mental health”.

According to Netflix, users watched a total of around 282 million hours of “Bird Box” within the first 28 days. The film “Red Notice”, released on November 12th on Netflix, recorded around 148.7 million hours in the week from November 8th to 14th alone and thus almost made it into the top ten. The action was previously shown in selected cinemas.


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