Reddit: Doctors reveal which health facts everyone should know

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Doctors reveal which health facts everyone should know

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What should you really know about your health and your body? On Reddit, doctors explain what knowledge they want patients to know.

It is not always easy as a doctor: Some patients shrug off life-threatening symptoms others come to the emergency room with every cold. On Reddit, some medical professionals have now ventured – and reveal in a thread what, if it is up to them, we really know about our health and what we should pay attention to. Some of it seems shockingly banal, others extremely surprising. But read for yourself:

1. There are no magic bullets

"Antibiotics only work against bacteria. They are not a miracle cure that can cure everything, and they shouldn't always be prescribed. Also, please follow your doctor's intake guidelines: Even if you're feeling better, don't just stop taking your medication without talking to your doctor. Many drugs have to be taken exactly as directed in order to build up the required dose – simply stopping the intake reduces the effectiveness of the drug. "

2. Be honest

"Tell us what drugs you took or what alcohol you drank. We're not cops – we don't judge you for it. But Depending on what you have ingested, the anesthetic may need to be changed – some of them could otherwise kill you. "

3. Blood is not always dangerous, but …

"Most men ejaculate blood at least once in their lifetime – 99 percent of the time, the problem will clear itself within a week. In contrast, bloody urine is a medical emergency for both sexes – you should see a doctor immediately. Most people think it's the other way around. "

4. Don't be shy

"Don't be ashamed of your body. If you are unsure about something, ask your doctor. We have usually already heard and seen (almost) everything. Just ask – maybe it's nothing serious and you've been stressing yourself unnecessarily for ages about it. And if something does happen, you are already one step closer to healing. Nobody can help if they don't know your problem and there are no stupid questions anyway. "

5. Short-term changes don't help

"Some people think that living healthy in the short term might outweigh making unhealthy long-term decisions. There is so much wrong with that! For example, think of healthy foods as fuel for your engine. You can store some vitamins, but your tank has a cap – if you overfill it, there is no point (the vitamins are excreted ineffectively) and you cannot expect to drive several months without a new tank of fuel just because you overfilled the engine. You still need fuel on a regular basis, for example fruit and vegetables. I had a patient who lived vegetarian for a few weeks and then thought that would be enough for the whole year. He was completely serious. "

6. Leave your vagina alone!

"Dear women, please do not use soap or other care products in the vagina! It has a very sensitive pH level and so you only increase the risk of infections. Carefully wash the outer area, but not the inside. The vagina cleans itself, just like your eyeballs. Do you wash your eyeballs No. Are you washing your face Yes!"

7. Take diabetes seriously

"Type II diabetes is more serious than some people think. I work as a doctor on dialysis and most of my patients come for diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease caused by diabetes). Diabetes also affects the eyes, nervous and immune systems, among other things. A few simple lifestyle changes could help, but nobody seems to care. "

8. Follow the ABCDE rule

"Most people don't know how to self-check for skin cancer. The simple ABCDE rule for assessing birthmarks helps here:

  • A = asymmetry
  • B = limitation
  • C = Color
  • D = diameter
  • E = sublimity

Are your birthmarks noticeable? Then let them double check – it could be skin cancer. "

9. Know your medication

"That sounds like basic knowledge, but I wish my patients knew which medication they took and when. Especially when you go to a doctor who has never seen you – Please write down your medication and the corresponding dose. Otherwise, I often have to first call the family doctor, who is not always available, or send the patient home to get his medication. "

10. High blood pressure is creeping up

"Even with high blood pressure, many patients initially feel normal, it is often discovered by chance. Don't wait until symptoms appear – From 35 you should have your blood pressure checked at least once a year by the doctor. There is no other way. "

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