Reddit: Wedding guests share embarrassing experiences

Wedding guests share the most embarrassing things they've experienced at celebrations

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Weddings are sooo romantic – but sometimes also a bit special. On "Reddit", numerous people have shared what they found a little embarrassing as wedding guests.

A wedding, at least that is our attitude, must only please the bridal couple! The guests, on the other hand, should simply be happy that they have been invited and are allowed to celebrate and that they are part of the circle of those who are familiar with the lovers. Nevertheless, everyone can of course have an opinion and find the celebration or elements of it embarrassing or cheesy – and feel free to post it anonymously on the Internet! Because what seems cheesy or embarrassing to some is perhaps a great inspiration for real romantics … At "Reddit" numerous wedding guests shared what they thought were the most embarrassing moments and quite honestly: We put one or the other on our list! 😁

Wedding guests share the most embarrassing moments they have ever experienced

1. Real rocker bride

"Some time ago I worked in the restaurant business and saw a wedding with the theme of motorsport. At the reception they ran the marriage proposal on tape, but it was completely incomprehensible. 'BZZT GABBAGBGA MRRRY MEZZZZZ RROOOOOWWWVROOOM.' Another highlight for me was that my boss hid in his office to avoid the bride's father because he wanted to keep costs down. In the end we had to call the police because the bride climbed over the bar, to steal something to drink after we shut the taps. That was the end of the party. "

2. Amen!

"During the wedding, the pastor kept saying 'our Heavenly Father, Papa God.'"

3. Oh, you happy ones

"The newlyweds sang their wedding vows to each other. Neither of them could sing. Their vows were a bit crazy overall and the self-regulating microphones a terrible idea. Their vow songs had a common refrain that was pretty bad, and they wanted that the guests sang along with it. It took 20 minutes. Absolutely embarrassing. "

4. Ready for a movie

"It wasn't a wedding, but an engagement party. The bride and groom recreated a scene from an old love story about a couple from the 19th century. In front of 300 people."

5. False alarm

"In my 20s, I went to a friend of my then-partner's wedding in New York. In the middle of the ceremony, the pastor's phone rang. He picked it up and said it was God who wanted to see the bridegroom. The conversation lasted a few minutes , then the ceremony continued. "

6. Mix & match

"The bride asked every guest to bring a +1 because she didn't want to see 'any sad, lonely people' on her day. They weren't my friends, but I accompanied a friend because she wanted to see her cousin marry so much. "

7th flop

"At my cousin's wedding they took off this number, where the groom strips off his bride's garter and throws it to the male singles. I don't think any of the gentlemen wanted to get married next because no one caught it. It just landed a few Centimeters in front of the motionless group of men. The groom threw the garter three times until one of the guests took pity on it and picked it up. "

8. If you dance at too many weddings …

"Okay, I have a lot of choices:

  • The groom changed his best man at short notice and only told the original candidate shortly before the ceremony.
  • The bride and groom asked one of their guests to play the bartender at the reception.
  • The groom danced with his stepmother – with his hands on her bum.
  • The bridal couple encouraged the guests to dance a choreography to Meatloaf's 'Paradise by Dashboard Lights' without warning them or teaching them the dance. The song is 8 minutes 30 long.
  • The wedding took place in the summer on the campus of a very beautiful boarding school. The guests had been told they could sleep in the bedrooms. However, they had not been told that there would be no pillows or blankets and that there was no air conditioning in the building. After the wedding, the groom asked everyone who had stayed there for money.
  • Incidentally, the same bride and groom started an argument at another wedding with a couple present as guests because they had not invited them to their wedding. "

9. Just no!

"In his speech as the father of the bride, my uncle not only talked about her ex, but also about the toxic relationship between him and his daughter – for a full five minutes. I strongly recommend preparing a speech if you are speaking in a room full of people . "