“Redesign” instead of giving up: Super League is still fighting towards the end

“Redesign” instead of giving up
Super League is still fighting towards the end

The Super League is probably history before it even starts. Instead of burying the project again quickly, a “redesign” should be made. However, it is completely unclear who should drive this forward – and above all: who could go along with it. The league imploded after a few hours.

The planned Super League in football is moving away from its previous plans after all English clubs have withdrawn. “We will consider the appropriate steps to transform the project,” the league announced on Wednesday night. The billion-dollar project, which had provoked tremendous excitement and even fierce resistance beyond the limits of football in the past few days, should nevertheless be over – at least for the time being.

Because it is unclear who is still behind the project. On Tuesday evening, Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea FC, all six Premier League clubs involved in the founding of the league, had their participation in the face of fierce opposition from fans, players, associations and Policy withdrawn. Manchester City officially started, followed by other English clubs.

Inter Milan also allegedly no longer have any interest in the billion-dollar league. This means that from Italy there are currently AC Milan and Juventus Turin, and from Spain Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. According to international media reports, Barca and Atlético are already thinking of withdrawing. Real Madrid are led by President Florentino Perez. The entrepreneur is the boss of the Super League.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said in an initial statement after the Citizens’ withdrawal: “I am delighted to welcome City back to the European football family. You have shown great wisdom in responding to the many votes – especially from your fans who pointed out the many advantages of the current system for all of European football. “

Overall, the ambitious project, which threatened to completely turn the football world off its hinges, had received plenty of criticism from experts, ex-professionals and politicians in the past two days. Above all, however, the fans across Europe went to the barricades to protest against the Super League.