Redfall: An internet connection will be required, even to play solo – Redfall

The first-person and cooperative shooter, red fall, seems rather expected by the players. The title from Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks, which was further revealed via a trailer broadcast during the Developer_Direct on January 25, should normally land at the very beginning of May 2023. Playable both solo and with friends , Redfall requires, in both cases, an internet connection.

Indeed, according to the FAQ available on the official website, players, who plan to play Redfall with others or even solo, must necessarily have an internet connection. We can, indeed, read the following statement: A persistent online connection is required for single-player and co-op mode “. Also, note that according to the information shared in the said FAQ, a account is also required. On the other hand, an Xbox Gold subscription is only required if you plan to play Redfall with other players.

As a reminder, on Redfall, we will have the possibility of embodying different characters. Each of them has their own skills/abilities. Offering a fairly large open world and “ hand crafted “, Redfall will invite us, among other things, to complete various main missions and side quests, in addition to activities and events that will appear randomly on the map.

Redfall is due to make itself available on May 2, 2023 on Xbox Series as well as PC. The title arrives, the day of its release, in the Game Pass.

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