Redfall will ask for a permanent connection, even in solo

Bethesda and Arkane have finally revealed a release date for red fallbut it places the title in a complicated situation since it finds itself in a period where certain games will monopolize all the attention, from Star Wars Jedi: Survivorgoing by Dead Island 2Without forgetting The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Suffice to say that the studio behind the game must now convince and educate its future community, without adding shadows to its picture. But no luck, the game is today singled out for an unappreciated practice.

No debit, no vampires

Bethesda has just released a new FAQ for its vampire hunting game, in which an answer to a question has left the audience wondering. This question concerns Internet connection requiredand the answer should not only make people happy.

If you were going to take advantage of red fall solo without bothering to maintain a permanent connection, you can forget. You will be required to have a stable connection to play the title, even if you only plan to do solo sessions. From the beginning, Redfall has always been presented as a game that is enjoyed in cooperation, but we thought that it would still be possible to play it solo without having to ensure a permanent connection. Well, lost.

red fall will be released on May 2 on PC and Xbox Series. It will be directly included in the Xbox Game Pass.

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