“Reduce the threshold” – Tyrolean WK locates imbalance in the cancellation bonus

Criticism of the government’s economic aid to closed businesses abounded in the first three lockdowns. So it’s no wonder that the fourth is no different.

As Simon Franzoi, WK division manager in Tyrolean retail, criticized the “Krone”, “the cancellation bonus requires at least 40 percent drop in sales compared to the same month of comparison in 2019”. The problem with this: “After sales were average up to the lockdown this November and will probably be good again at the end of the lockdown on December 13th due to the Christmas business, very few companies will reach this threshold.” “Reduce the threshold of 40 percent” Franzoi clarifies the problem: “The trading operations were closed by ordinance for 30 percent of the entire month. In order to take advantage of the aid, the government is also demanding a 40 percent drop in sales in November. From a purely arithmetical point of view, that can never work out. “The accuracy of the aids is therefore not given. Franzzoi’s proposed solution:” As a period of observation, one would have to use the closing days and compare them. Or reduce the threshold of 40 percent. “
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