Refueling moments from our editorial team: This is where we charge our batteries

Yoga, jogging, meditation. These are the common pieces of advice that should make us feel better and more balanced. But often it is like this: once we have filled our calendar with the appropriate units, some people are more stressed than before. Even mindfulness and moments for themselves have now become a “to do” that needs to be ticked off as efficiently as possible.

But you quickly realize: It doesn’t work that way. Relaxation looks different for everyone. It is so individual that we can learn from each other – but there is definitely no right or wrong. While some prefer to go out to party to relax from the stress of the week, others crawl into bed very satisfied with pizza and a series. Others go to the sauna, some actually find their enlightenment through yoga or run around the block a few times with a full head. Everything is fine – as long as it feels good.

Refueling is not a competition

In everyday life, people nowadays tend to compare themselves so much that even the rest periods become competitions. On social media, mileage displays and jogging shoes “after-work run” line up next to spa photos and cucumber masks “Me-Time!”. These recordings seldom give us pleasure, much more often they create pressure. Pressure to belong. Pressure to finally have to take care of yourself. Pressure to really relax now to be fit again tomorrow.

Isn’t that completely absurd? We think so too. That’s why we in our editorial team thought about what is really good for us. What we like to do without posting it on social media afterwards. We relax so much that we forget about the cell phone altogether. And what our gut feeling longs for after a stressful day.

Our refueling moments aren’t particularly fancy or presentable – they’re perfectly normal. And maybe there is one or the other there who can relax you too. Or inspires you to discover your own feel-good time-outs.