Refurbished smartphones and PCs could soon cost less

Adopted in November 2021, the private copying tax relating to refurbished smartphones, tablets and PCs could simply disappear in the near future. Because of this, these electronic devices might cost slightly less to resell.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

In November 2021, deputies and senators voted to introduce a private copying levy on used or refurbished smartphones, PCs and tablets. This tax corresponds to a fixed flat rate, independent of the sale price. Only the storage capacity of the device affected the amount of the tax, within the limit of 64 GB.

For a smartphone of 64 GB or more, for example, the contribution (VAT included) amounts to 10.08 euros. At the time, this new scale had not reaped many favors either from reconditioners or from ecological associations, judging this decision too soft to reduce the environmental footprint of digital technology in France.

Likely backtracking

Also, the end consumer also found himself impacted when the refurbisher raised the price of a refurbished device to offset this tax. However, all this could soon be a thing of the past and completely disappear, journalist Marc Rees tells us in the columns of the media l’Informed.

Indeed, a public rapporteur of the Council of State will “recommend the cancellation of the scale of refurbished phones and tablets“, can we read. And to continue:One of the arguments put on the table is due to the irregular composition of the commission during the vote on this tariff“.

As specified by theInformed, the Council of State tends to listen to and follow the indications of the public rapporteur. The final decision will be made within a few weeks. In this case, there is a main beneficiary and a main loser: the consumers on one side, the beneficiaries on the other.

Winners and losers

For consumers, the bill to pay when buying a refurbished smartphone, PC or tablet could be slightly reduced by a few euros. For rights holders – collective management companies like Sacem (Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers) for example – it would be a cold shower.

For them, a beautiful financial windfall would indeed vanish. On the other hand, no retroactive sum would be asked of them in return, suggests the public rapporteur. This would be a sum of around 20 million euros only for refurbished phones, according to information from theInformed.

All you have to do now is wait a few weeks before knowing the final decision of the Council of State. Although the path already seems well marked out for an outright cancellation of this fee.

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