Regular players instead of bench press ?: Top club is interested in Özil

Regular players instead of bench press?
Top club is interested in Özil

Is Mesut Özil returning to the football field? At the moment he is only on the pitch to train, the former international player has long since been sorted out at Arsenal. But the Turkish top club Fenerbahce Istanbul is digging at the 32-year-old.

Ex-national player Mesut Özil may find himself in Turkey a way out of his footballing dead end at Arsenal FC. In the home of Özil's parents, according to information from "Bild am Sonntag", ex-master Fenerbahce Istanbul is very interested in a timely commitment of the 32-year-old and, based on the financing models that have already been created, there are good chances of the transfer. "90 percent of Özil will join us during the winter break", quoted the "BamS" Istanbul advisory board member Murat Zorlu. Should this plan fail, Fener boss Ali Koc will allegedly lure Özil to the Bosphorus next summer after his contract in London expires.

Özil has no future at Arsenal. The midfielder made his last appearance for the Gunners at the beginning of March before the Corona interruption. Last October, the Gelsenkirchen native was officially removed from the squad for both the Europa League and the Premier League at the former championship and can currently only play in the club's U23.

Before he was disembarked, the German-Turk had rejected an offer from the English to terminate his contract, which was running until the end of the season. At Arsenal, Özil is a top earner with a weekly salary of £ 350,000.

But he is only noticeable off the field: Most recently, he had a heated argument with the TV presenter Piers Morgan. The former CNN man had criticized him, called him "absolutely overpaid" and compared him to Paul Pogba, who had moved to Manchester United for 105 million euros, but was never able to convince there. Özil brings "far too little performance" and overestimates his "importance to you to a shocking extent". Özil hadn't let that sit on him and countered: "Piers, mate, it seems like you're not a big fan of world champions." Ultimately, both Özil in 2014 with the DFB team and Pogba in 2018 with France were world champions. Fenerbahce may soon be able to adorn themselves with this success.