Reiner Calmund: “Calli” is hardly recognizable

Pure Calmund
“Calli” is hardly recognizable

Reiner Calmund at the German Sports Press Ball 2021 in early November.

© imago / STAR-MEDIA

Ex-soccer manager and TV star Reiner Calmund has posted a new photo in which he is super slim and grinning happily into the camera.

“I feel really good!” With these words, Reiner Calmund (72) commented Out of the hospital bed about half a year ago the surviving surgery, during which he had excess skin removed. The former soccer manager is now proving that this mood has even increased with a new snapshot on his Twitter account. As slim as ever, the cheerful Rhenish nature grins into the camera and stretches her thumb up.

Can the man really be “Calli” who, according to his own statement, recently had to wear clothes in “11 times XL”? This is what many fans ask in amazement in the comments section: “Wow. I first had to check your profile, then your website and see if it wasn’t hacked. I congratulate you very much and wish you all the best for the future,” writes one user .

Weight halved

For health reasons, Calmund decided on a stomach reduction at the beginning of last year. At that time he still weighed over 170 kilos, but is now said to have halved his weight.


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