Relationship: 25 love lessons from 100 year olds that will enrich your life

25 love lessons from 100 year olds that will enrich your life

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Pens out, ladies: Here are 25 love lessons from people who need to know – because they have experienced many sides of love in their 100+ years of life! Oh yes, and handkerchiefs can’t hurt either …

We can read about it, we can watch films and series and we can think about it endlessly – but what true love feels like, what really matters in a partnership and what we can forgive someone we love, we only know when we experienced it. Experience is the most powerful and valuable source of knowledge, especially in the area of ​​emotions. Feelings can neither be calculated nor simulated in a thought experiment – we have to experience them for better or for worse in order to really be able to say something about them …

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In her great book “100 Years of Life” (Hoffmann and Campe) the author has collected stories from ten people aged 100 or older – and one thing is immediately noticeable: love plays a major role in each of them! After we have already introduced you to 20 wisdoms from 100-year-olds from Schweighöfer’s book, which is well worth reading, there are now even 25 lessons on the subject of love and partnership.

25 love lessons from centenarians

“Much more important than loyalty are esteem and respect for a relationship.”

“No marital happiness without love”

“Anyone who doubts whether he should commit himself is not suitable as a partner: Then love is not big enough.”

Love needs space.

“Loyalty is an inner attitude that has nothing to do with the daily form of a relationship.”

“If the supposedly so great love doesn’t fight for you – forget it!”

“If you think you’ve found the love of your life, you have to do everything to keep it alive, you can’t give up too soon.”

“You can’t wait all your life for the other to do what you want them to do.”

Great love is not always the love of life.

“Be sensible, understanding and there for one another – then the marriage will go well!”

“Take care of your partner and don’t wait for them to take care of you!”

“Even if everything else is right in a relationship – love, sex, tenderness and money: If the other is not loyal, you can only endure it.”

You don’t always have to be madly in love to be able to love.

“One always loses in a love triangle.”

“So check out who binds himself forever – the madness is short, the regret is long.”

“Don’t let too much beauty blind you – Cupid can be wrong!”

The extent of love does not depend on the extent of passion.

“You drive your partner away with expectations, demands and demands. You can wish for something – but you should never expect it.”

“He who trusts himself is true to himself.”

Respect and trust are the basis of love.

“Love is not enough.”

“Deep friendships with another man or woman need not be a threat to a relationship.”

“If the sex is wrong, then the marriage is not right either.”

Responsibility is part of love.

“Love relationships like those between 20 and 50 are not the measure of all things.”