Relationship: 5 signs it is too early to say “I love you”

5 signs it’s too early to say “I love you”

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Are you thinking of telling your darling “I love you” for the first time? The following signs suggest that you should think about it again …

In any relationship, sooner or later there comes a point where you feel the need to say “I love you” to the other. And to be completely honest: Most of the time, this is exactly the right moment. Communicating your feelings openly is never wrong (as long as you are always polite and respectful!), And if you feel that way – get out there and see what happens!

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As far as these three words are concerned, however, before you say them for the first time, it might be good to take your time with a cup of tea to make yourself aware that they have a very special meaning (for many) and thus have a strong effect . After all, love stands for a really strong connection between two people that only too few can feel and build up. In addition, pronouncing the three words can change the relationship decisively – or bring the partner into a strange situation: does he have to say “me you too”? What if that’s not true? When in doubt, it can sometimes be better to say “I love you” first with gestures instead of words, because that’s not that straightforward. A special gift, introduce the treasure to an important person (mom, BFF …) or accompany him to an unpleasant doctor’s appointment. All of these are ways to slowly but surely approach the verbal “I love you”. That said, in most cases the following signs speak in favor of clenching your teeth for a moment and perhaps thinking about a nice present first …

5 signs it’s too early to say “I love you”

1. You have never seen each other naked.

It might sound banal, but showing yourself naked and vulnerable to a person is (for many) proof of trust and intimacy and therefore a good prerequisite for confessing your love to someone. The opposite also applies: If you’ve never seen him naked – how do you know that you really love him, with all the trimmings … 😜

2. You have never been annoyed by him.

Your sweetheart is perfect and doesn’t have a single quirk or quality that has struck you negatively? A strong indication that you still have butterflies floating around in your stomach and that you are under the influence of rose-colored glasses! In a nutshell: Love means choosing a person, including all of their weaknesses and faults. On the other hand, anyone who thinks someone is flawless and flawless is likely to be in love.

3. You have never argued before.

You can only really judge a person and your relationship with them when you have already argued with them and coped with a conflict. Because what if, at the slightest challenge, he derails and becomes disrespectful or even rude? Could you then still stand by your “I love you” …? (At least you shouldn’t !!)

4. You don’t know any of his friends.

Not only do his friends tell you something about him – if he introduces them to you, it also shows that he is probably serious about you. If, on the other hand, he keeps you away from them, he doesn’t seem to be entirely sure of you yet and an “I love you” from you might put him in a stupid situation … If you are ashamed of friends or have none, then it may even give him courage to hear that you love him.

5. You were just super lonely …

If you have been feeling very lonely lately or in any other way unhappy and hurt and your sweetheart has quasi extinguished these feelings with his entry into your life, it could be that you are primarily grateful to him and the magic words come in handy would say to anyone in their place. So maybe think about it again and listen to yourself if you have had an emotionally stressful phase before you proclaim your love with full conviction.