Relationship: Quirky Things Women Find in Male Bathrooms

What women find in male bathrooms

© Jurij Krupiak / Shutterstock

At the latest in a relationship they come to light, the… bizarre peculiarities of the other person. Women have shared the weirdest things on the internet that they found in male bathrooms.

People are something wonderful. Because as much as they may be similar at times, just as much they keep puzzling us. As empathic as we may be, no one can peer into someone else’s head. That’s a good thing, after all, this small, fine fact creates the necessary tension. Again and again someone we know so well does something that only leaves us with question marks.

What was he thinking? The women who have now come together in a Twitter thread have also asked themselves this question. The discussion was initiated by user Jodie, who wanted to know what was the bizarre thing that women would have ever found in a man’s bathroom. Then she herself begins with a picture that, yes, you have to look twice, shows a hair brush installed as a toilet brush:

This sparked an amusing conversation. Because Jodie is by no means the only one who has already found herself frowning in a men’s bathroom.

“I found the grill in the shower”

“I found the grill in the shower once,” reports one user and attaches a photo to prove it. Lo and behold, a man seems to have actually surpassed the cliché of the barbecue lover and given him a loving shower.

The culinary series goes even further. Another lady found nothing but a yawning emptiness in the bathroom cabinet – and a slice of pizza. Then, by the way, a user joined in who photographed a bitten chicken wing in the shower.

From chicken wings to toilet paper art

A woman suddenly found herself in her boyfriend’s bathroom in Spongebob Fan Land – with the appropriate toilet seat decorations and wallpaper. The gentlemen don’t seem to be lacking in creativity anyway: One of them simply stuck the shower curtain rod to the wall with duct tape. Another attached the toilet roll in a, shall we say, individual way:

Well, some things don’t need to be understood or questioned. Nevertheless, the bizarre finds fulfilled their purpose in their own way: On Twitter, some users were already so amused that they suggested introducing the list as a competition at the Olympics …