Relationship truths that no one likes to say

To have someone by our side with whom we can share everything. Who is always there for us and strengthens our backs. We can take care of when he needs us. With whom we form a well-coordinated team during sex.

Many people immediately come up with good reasons why they would rather live in a partnership than solo. But some tend to idealize relationships and hide their non-romantic sides. Which is problematic, because it is not uncommon for the bad awakening to follow sooner or later – and the relationship to break up. However, not because of a lack of love or compatibility, but above all because of excessive expectations and high demands.

To prevent this from happening to us, we have collected five unromantic truths about relationships that are often overlooked – and which most happy couples have long accepted.

5 relationship truths that no one likes to say

1. Your partner doesn't make you happy.

Even if some (singles) vehemently persuade themselves: Relationships are not a remedy for dissatisfaction! If you cling to the hope that the right partner will make sense and fulfillment in your own life, you can prepare for a laaaaaaong search. To be at peace with ourselves, ultimately to be enough for ourselves, is a task in which our partner accompanies us, but which he cannot relieve us of.

2. In a relationship, you get as much as you put in.

Just sit back and love and be pampered – that sounds too good to be true. Relationships consist of give and take. Only those who give a lot themselves – love, time, understanding – will get a lot back. Although there is not even a guarantee.

3. You have to be able to do without in a relationship.

Travel, emigrate, live without money, sleep until afternoon and flirt with the bartender in the club. As a single you can do what you want, but who is in a relationship has to always and inevitably consider. Of course, this does not necessarily mean limitation, but every relationship requires a willingness to compromise – and often also without flexibility.

4. Your partner is not perfect.

Nobody is perfect and so the person by your side will also have characteristics that make you mad and annoy you. But not only that: Because your partner, (at least) the same way fallible, preoccupied with himself and therefore sometimes careless and insensitive it happens that he does or says something that hurts you – and that hurts him especially. Well, there is probably only one thing left: accept that he is only human.

5. Love changes over time.

First we are in love and do not want to be without our sweetheart for a second and suddenly we want more and more time for ourselves. The way we feel for someone changes over the course of our relationship. It is as certain as that after winter it will be spring. If you wish to only float on cloud nine in your partnership, there is little else to do – change your partner every few months. ?