relatives and investigators decipher the personality of Ary Abittan


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The personality of Ary Abittan, indicted for rape against a young woman, is now analyzed by his entourage and the police, as revealed “Le Parisien”.

Arrested by the Paris judicial police following a rape complaint, Monday, November 1, then indicted the next day, Ary Abittan is accused of raping a 23-year-old young woman, who is not his companion official. The lawyer for the alleged victim, Arash Derambarsh, mentioned a tragedy of “incredible violence“and”practices not consented to“, which corroborates the statements of the police source affirming that bloody sheets were found at the home of the accused. This popular actor of the cinema and the tricolor television, now placed under judicial control, hides in silence while the investigation is continuing. The Parisian shared the descriptions that his entourage made of him, in his edition of Saturday, November 20. “He waited for success so long that he didn’t want to let go“, confides an anonymous source.

Adjectives are raining down: “chatting“,”extrovert“,”anguish“-the newspaper recalls an interview where the 47-year-old said he had”afraid to say or do crazy things when it isn’t happening“-,”always thoroughly” or “supercharged“. The testimony of the supposed victim, collected by the police officers of the 1st district of the judicial police of Paris, make them, state of a”domineering side“of his personality.

Ordered psychological expertise

Outside of intercourse, he’s cute and cuddly“, would have qualified the twenty-something in a private exchange with one of her friends. According to information from the Parisian, the police are currently immersing themselves in the professional and personal environment of Ary Abittan, to try to better understand his behavior. Psychological expertise of the actor and his accuser will soon take place.

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