Relaxation as a gift: 11 ideas that give you peace

Every year the question arises anew: What am I giving away for Christmas? The best of all gifts is still time. But it’s such a thing with vouchers, on the one hand we gave away some of them as a result of the pandemic last year – on the other hand, most of them will not be redeemed anyway. One type of time that just about any of us can use these days is the one we seldom take: time for ourselves.

In the fast-paced everyday life, we often even try to fill the calendar with the meetings of our loved ones before we plan a break for ourselves. Only the gaps are used for this – we need rest and relaxation in order to be able to really enjoy all other aspects of life. Who does not know it: If you are already stressed, even nice appointments become a to-do. However, if you are resting in yourself, you can enjoy the reunion with family and friends a lot more inside.

Relaxation as a gift – how does it work?

And since it is well known that the best thing to do is to give away something that you never treat yourself to, but wish with all your heart, we thought about how we could give our fellow human beings a little time for themselves this year, the famous “Me-Time”. How can people best relax? It is very different. That’s why we tried to take different perspectives. If for some of us the weekly shopping is pure stress, an organic crate can be relaxation. Others, on the other hand, need rest and wellness for everything – they should also be thought of with a massage mat and foot bath. And still others relax best with a glass of wine with their best friend or while exercising. Don’t worry: everything is included.

The result is a collection of things that are good for our editors – and since we are all very different, we hope that you too will find what you are looking for.


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