Release of son Guerlain, accused of harassment by the companion of perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain

This trial was a new judicial episode in the battle between Stéphane Guerlain, guardian of his father, and Christina Kragh, concubine of the latter since 2005.

The Versailles criminal court released, this Friday, June 24, Stéphane Guerlain, son of the famous perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain, accused by his father’s companion of harassing her and having threatened her on several occasions.

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The court also noted the prescription of other alleged offenses, such as non-public insults, as required by the Versailles prosecutor’s office. “It’s a satisfying and unsurprising decision that I hope will put an end to Christina Kragh’s rantings.“, the companion of the perfumer, reacted to AFP the lawyer of Stéphane Guerlain, Olivier Combe. The defense of Christina Kragh Michelsen has told AFP its intention to appeal. “The distress and suffering of Christina Kragh was not heard by the court and our witnesses were not believed“, lamented his lawyer Frédéric Belot. This trial was a new legal episode in the battle in which Christina Kragh, a 64-year-old Franco-Danish who has lived in concubinage since 2005 with the perfumer, one of the largest fortunes in France, now suffering from the disease of Alzheimer, and the son Guerlain, guardian of his father.

Christina Kragh was acquitted last fall by the Versailles court of “abandonment of a person unable to protect himself», in this case Jean-Paul Guerlain, 85 years old. The prosecution appealed this release. Monday, it was Stéphane Guerlain who was tried, at the request of Christina Kragh, who had him summoned to appear. At the helm, Christina Kragh’s lawyer assured that the Guerlain son was leading “a constant harassment warto his client. When Stéphane Guerlain “arrives in the house, he follows me everywhere“, affirmed Christina Kragh, criticizing the unilateral decisions taken by the Guerlain son, as”turn off the heating», in their property of Yvelines.

Three women testified in his favor, one of them denouncing an attempt by Stéphane Guerlain to overthrow Christina Kragh with his car. Testimony disputed by the defence, which argued that the son was “an extremely tired man“trying”for ten years to ensure the protection of the interests of his father“. The prosecution had also not followed Christina Kragh, judging that the aggravated moral harassment was, in this case, “very difficult to characterize” because he “is not just living in discomfort or enmity with someone“.

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