Relegation dramas – The lower house is shaking on the last day of the game

The final day of the game in the House of Commons is upon us. In some leagues, a decision has yet to be made in the relegation battle.

Salzburg’s Unterhaus kicker has one more game to play this weekend, followed by the summer break. On the last day of the game there is a lot of explosiveness in several leagues – especially in the fight for relegation. The “Krone” takes a look at the closest decisions. …Regionalliga Salzburg: As is well known, Wals-Grünau and Seekirchen are fighting in a long-distance duel for the last Westliga ticket. In order not to be relegated, the latter simply have to score more points than coach Bernhard Kletzl’s team. …Salzburg League: Three clubs are fighting for two vacancies. Adnet and Siezenheim have it in their own hands, Neumarkt has to hope for a slip, otherwise the Wallerseer will go into the national league. …2. Landesliga Nord: Obertrum and the 1b von Grünau fight for the last ticket. The Walser have the better starting position, are three points ahead, but have leader ATSV as guests. The Flachgauers also have to deal with a strong opponent, meeting Mattsee in the derby. Because the direct duels of the clubs threatened with relegation ended 4-0, the goal difference would decide in the event of a tie. “Hope dies last, but we almost need a football miracle,” Obertrum chairman Robert Winkler doesn’t really believe in staying up. …1. Class North: The clubs keep their fingers crossed for Bergheims 1b in the 2nd Class North A, because if they become champions, nobody will come up from below. Kuchl’s 1b is currently in the ejection seat. Because the Tennengauer will probably not get anything away from Champion Hof, Bad Vigaun can still hope to remain in the league. …1. Southern class: Hollersbach and St. Martin bei Lofer have only collected 13 and 12 points respectively, and one club will still celebrate not being relegated. The better cards have formers, who are a point ahead and receive Lend. “It won’t be easy, we feel the pressure. Staying up in the league would be extremely important for us,” says section head Simon Lackner.
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