Remarkable sentences: Streich criticizes Trump and the AfD

Notable sentences
Streich criticizes Trump and the AfD

Christian Streich is known for not always talking about football at press conferences. Like hardly any other person in professional football, he likes to position himself remarkably clearly and clearly on political issues. He found words of warning about the storming of the Capitol.

Coach Christian Streich from SC Freiburg sees the storming of supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump on the Capitol in Washington as a warning for the political and social situation in Germany. "It has to be a warning for all of us – including in our country," said the coach of the Baden Bundesliga club. "As bad as it is, it might even help us when we see these images to know how quickly things can go in such a direction."

Given what he has "learned from history over the past few hundred years and the 20th century, I am not surprised by what is happening in America now," said Streich. "I honestly expected it to be." You just have to "look carefully at what happened in this country, how this racist and misanthropist was accompanied by not a few people, including from the political and economic elite. How he was supported."

Therefore there is "not one culprit, but many in the leadership of the USA who are now responsible for people dying, that very, very many have already died, for example with Corona, and that there is still terrible racism in this country . " But it is important "not to just look at America all the time," said Streich. "In our country, in a democratically elected party, inflammatory slogans are spread and people are smuggled into buildings that are a symbol of our democracy, parliamentarians are bullied and attacked. That happened a few weeks ago." Streich obviously alludes to an incident in which visitors came to the Reichstag at the invitation of the AfD and marched through the MPs area unaccompanied – and harassed politicians and employees.

Wherever possible, you have to show moral courage. "You can now see in America how quickly it can go, that even the unbelievable becomes possible. Just as this person was fired and supported by a so-called right intelligence, you don't have to be surprised that there are now dead and that the center democracy is attacked in a terrorist manner. "