remember me is a film of infinite tenderness that you must absolutely see

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On September 9, Remember me, a poignant film that does a lot of good.

In Remember me, the director Martín Rosete introduces us to Claude, widower and theater critic. One day, while reading the newspaper, he discovers that Lily, his childhood sweetheart, a former actress, has Alzheimer's. She is being followed in a house specializing in the treatment of this disease in California. Claude's heart leaps when he hears this news, and a whole past resurfaces. If he hasn't seen the love of his life in 30 years, he's never forgotten it. So he decides to join the service that supports Lily in order to see her again. For this, he makes the nursing staff believe that he is no longer in his head and that he also has this disease.

Remember me has that melancholy flavor that melts hearts. When he sees Lily again, Claude tries to remind him of their past together. This story is theirs and nobody else's. That’s why he tries everything to rebuild the love they experienced in their youth. The declarations and attentions are more and more numerous and it is of an infinite tenderness. Remember brings up a delicate subject for me when it comes to Alzheimer's disease, but above all it is a powerful film about love. It evokes how certain encounters mark us for life. With this delicately produced feature film, we realize that certain feelings are unshakeable despite the passage of time.

Remember me So it is not a weighty film. The fantasy of the character of Claude, embodied by the fabulous Bruce Dern, does not leave the viewer indifferent. Its panache and softness combine wonderfully. He shows a funny septuagenarian, of immense kindness and inhabited by a touching spleen. Claude immerses us in a retrospective of his life. The love story he experienced is nothing like the great epics you read in novels, but that's what makes it so charming. This story is incredibly universal. The viewer is then seized with a nostalgia as authentic as it is surprising and this is what makes this film so successful.

You would have understood it, Remember me will meet all your expectations if you are looking for idyllic sweetness in the cinema. See you in theaters on September 9 to discover this lovely feature film.

Video by Melanie Bonvard