Remove strawberry stains: The best home remedies

Remove strawberry stains
The best tips against the red spots

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You ate strawberries and stained your clothes? No problem! With the right home remedies, you can easily remove strawberry stains.

You should better keep your hands off chemical agents such as benzine, Javel water or hydrogen peroxide. Not only do they remove the color from the textiles, but they are also harmful to the environment and health. Better sit up traditional home remedies and follow our household tips:

Remove fresh strawberry stains

  • Clear water: Fresh strawberry stains on clothing are easy to hide lukewarm water rinse. However, this must be the spot from a pure strawberry – neither sugared nor otherwise processed.
  • soapy water: If plain water isn’t enough for strawberry stains, you can Soak clothes in soapy water overnight. Then rinse and as usual into the washing machine give. You can find helpful laundry and care tips here: Detergent: Which one should I use?
  • Citric acid: Removing strawberry stains also works wonderfully with lemon juice. You need one for this Squeeze the lemon and sprinkle it over the strawberry stain. Let it soak in and wash the garment as usual. By the way: A natural stain remover that can also be used to remove blood stains.
  • Acetic acid: As an alternative to lemon juice, vinegar or vinegar essence diluted with water can serve as a natural stain remover. The application remains the same. Acetic acid not only helps with fruit stains, but also helps remove tomato stains.
  • Soda: For fruit stains on non-sensitive fabrics, a Mixture of soda and warm water remedy. Simply add a teaspoon of soda to a bowl of water and let it sit. Finally wash as usual and the stains are gone.

Remove older strawberry stains

  • gall soap: You can treat stubborn and dried-in fruit stains with gall soap. Dampen stains, rub with soap, let it take effect, rinse and off to the wash. Incidentally, this home remedy is also recommended for removing red wine stains.
  • Alcohol: Especially on non-washable textiles, 100% alcohol from the pharmacy can help with stains. Upholstery, carpets and car seats you can dab it very lightly with alcohol and then wipe it off with clear water and a cloth. Stains don’t stand a chance here.

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