Removing sweat odor from clothing: tips and tricks for your laundry

Remove sweat odor from clothing
Home remedies and tips

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Excessive sweating makes clothes smelly. But why? And how can we remove the smell of sweat from clothing? We reveal the best home remedies.

Removing the smell of sweat from clothing: This is how the smell is created

Sweaty clothing sometimes still smells unpleasant after the wash cycle. The reason for this nasty smell are our people living on the skin bacteriathat have lodged themselves in clothing through sweating. The textiles begin to smell due to the bacterial degradation process. Normal laundry at 30 degrees does not help.

Removing Sweat Odor From Clothing: The Best Home Remedies

  • Vinegar: Sweat stains and bacteria can be removed particularly well from colored and dark laundry with a vinegar solution. Simply mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 3: 1 and soak the stubborn sweat marks for an hour. Then wash the whole thing with detergent as usual.
  • Washing soda: Put a tablespoon of washing soda from the drugstore in a bowl in five liters of water and let the solution stand for a good half an hour. Then undershirts and Co. can soak overnight and then as usual in the Washing machine getting washed.
  • Citric acid: Textiles that cannot be put in the washing machine or specially light-colored clothing can be put in a warm water bath with citric acid (or two tablespoons Citric acid powder) soak for about three hours. This has an antibacterial effect and also gives off a pleasant scent. Caution: dark clothing could fade.
  • Curd soap: We can moisten thick textiles with sweat stains in the armpit area and rub some curd soap into the fibers with a brush. Let the soap work for a good hour. Then wash as usual.
  • Sanitary rinse: Antibacterial detergents fight germs and smells. Simply add some hygienic rinse to the detergent compartment and sweat won’t stand a chance.

Remove sweat odor from clothing: Preventive measures

  • Armpit pads: If you sweat a lot, you can stick exchangeable armpit pads in your clothing. This is how we prevent sweat odor and sweat stains.
  • Antiperspirant: To prevent perspiration, we can use an antiperspirant spray or deodorants (aluminum-free deodorants) that have antibacterial ingredients. Looking for alternatives to deodorant? then take a look here: The best tips against sweating.
  • Functional clothing: If you know that you tend to sweat quickly, you can use breathable training stops instead of polyester tops.
  • Cottons: Never wash too cold! Tops that you can wash warm to hot should also be washed accordingly so that no bacteria can accumulate. Incidentally, this also applies to washing bed linen and towels.

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