Renault: motorway charging will now be cheaper in an electric car

Renault is forging a partnership with Ionity, one of the leaders in fast motorway charging alongside Tesla. The objective: to reduce the cost of charging over long distances. Several formulas are offered, including one for large rollers, with a subscription at 17.5 euros per month giving access to rates of 0.30 euro per kWh on Ionity terminals.

Renault is not part of the Ionity consortium, but the French firm nevertheless offers a subscription formula to benefit from preferential rates on the Ionity charging network, one of the densest in Europe on the motorway network.

Thus, 100% electric Renault customers (Mégane E-Tech, Twingo E-Tech, Zoé) will be able, from the MyRenault application, to choose from three offers according to their needs. These preferential rates are guaranteed for one year at the time of subscription. Recently, Ionity switched from per-minute pricing to per-kWh pricing in France, so all prices apply per kWh.

A first offer without much interest

The first offer is not very interesting since it does not allow you to benefit from preferential rates at Ionity. The “Mobilize Basic” offer simply allows you to obtain a loading card which, according to Renault, “allows you to charge anywhere in France and Europe” and “for those who drive relatively little on the motorway”.

With this card, it will be a rate of €0.71 per kWh which will apply to an Ionity fast terminal, i.e. around 40 euros for a full tank of a Renault Mégane EV60 equipped with a 60 kWh battery. The only advantage of this card is that it is free and without subscription, unlike Chargemap where the card costs around 20 euros.

Be careful however, the price of recharging via the Ionity application, without subscription, is 0.69 euros per kWh, more advantageous than with the Mobilize card.

Offers for those who drive on the motorway

A second offer, called “Mobilize Active”, is “recommended for customers traveling between 2,000 km and 2,500 km per year on the motorway”. By means of a subscription of 7.50 euros per month (with a one-year commitment), Renault customers will be able to benefit from a preferential rate at Ionity from €0.55 per kWh. Taking our example of Mégane E-Tech EV60, a full tank will cost just over 30 euros.

For large rollers, that is to say those traveling more than 2,500 km per year on the motorway according to Renault, the diamond firm offers the “Mobilize Intense” offer. The subscription costs 17.50 euros per month (still with a one-year commitment), the price on an Ionity terminal drops to €0.30 per kWh. The full of electrons for a Mégane EV60 thus goes to around 18 euros.

This is an interesting package, because the Ionity Passport monthly subscription, billed at 17.99 euros per month for a 12-month commitment period, offers a charging rate of 0.35 euros per kWh.

The service is already available in France on the MyRenault application and should soon be extended to other European countries. As stated above, the Ionity network is one of the densest in Europe, which already has no less than 1,700 charging points on motorways throughout Europe.

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