Renault Trucks “trolls” future Tesla trucks in its latest video for its E-Tech models

Thibaut Keutchayan

November 01, 2022 at 6:15 p.m.


Renault Trucks E-Tech D © © Renault Trucks

© Renault Trucks

There are various ways to advertise, and Renault Trucks has decided to tease rival Tesla to raise awareness of its fleet of electric trucks.

Not sure that Elon Musk is retweeting this ad…

The arrival of the Tesla Semi Truck in France is not yet known

On its official YouTube page, the French firm Renault Trucks highlights its range of electric trucks, gently mocking its American competitor, Tesla. In the twenty-second video below, we see two billboards pasting an ad for Tesla’s Semi Truck after reaching the insert thanks to an electric E-Tech D model from Renault Trucks.

On the poster, a photo of the Semi Truck is accompanied by the message: ” Fully electric. Semi. The future of trucking. The troll intervenes in the Renault Trucks message that goes with this video. The firm states that it ” there are those who make big announcements, and those who are already doing miles “.

Renault Trucks thus refers to the delays experienced by the Tesla Semi, announced in 2019 and the first units of which will (finally) be delivered to Pepsi on 1er December 2022. For its part, the French firm announces that its fleet of 300 electric trucks has already traveled nearly 2 million kilometers. This snub to Tesla’s marketing, whose announcement effects are regularly followed by significant delays, like the Cybertruck, will it remain unanswered?

Source : Renault Trucks

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