Renewable, first source of electricity from 2025?

Samir Rahmoun

February 09, 2023 at 1:00 p.m.


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Good news for the climate, renewable energies should experience strong growth in the coming years.

As more and more governments around the world develop green agendas, the International Energy Agency announces a ” tipping point for renewable energies by 2025.

Renewable energies will ensure the new demand for electricity

Is humanity advancing on the path to decarbonization? This is what more and more information suggests. The International Energy Agency (IEA) thus explained not long ago that coal would be overtaken in the next two years by renewable energies. These energies will be used intensively in the near future.

In fact, still according to the IEA, 90% of the world’s additional electricity demand will be absorbed by 2025 by low-carbon energy sources. And it will be above all renewable energies such as wind, solar or hydroelectric which will provide this electricity, with nuclear contributing a more modest share. Good news that does not come to us alone.

Renewable will take first place

We are close to a tipping point for power sector emissions “, explained the boss of the AIE Fatih Birol. His remarks are illustrated by particularly interesting figures. In 2025, renewables should be the source of 35% of the electricity produced in the world. The sector would thus exceed for the first time in history coal, which will be the source of 33% of the planet’s electricity by this date.

As can be seen in the chart just above, gas (about 20%) and nuclear (nearly 10%) will continue at about the same level as before. This prediction is logical, since if in the field of carbon emissions, renewable and nuclear are the two preferred options for the production of energy, the atom requires much more time for the deployment of new production units.

Source : The Verge

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