Rennes: “You might think I lived like …”, the teenager hidden by his mother breaks the silence

After his mother was accused of abuse, the 14-year-old spoke to Le Figaro to make things clear.

The story has been talked about a lot and it is far from over. Some time ago, a mother was accused of abusing her son after bringing him to the hospital. On site, the care teams realized that the 14-year-old boy was underweight, 27kg for 1m47, and seemed to have intellectual development delay. He was therefore placed in a home while his mother, who had kept him away from the outside world, was put on trial. After these events and while he has been in a home for 11 months, the 14-year-old girl spoke in Le Figaro. According to him, he has never been abused. and wants only one thing: to return to her mother.

I am very sad to be away from my mom. At home, I am anxious and on my guard…”. The young boy also ensures that he has always had enough to eat. “At home, if I was hungry, I could have whatever I wanted. Since I’ve been at home, it’s just the opposite. The quality of the canteen is deplorable. I have to buy my own food with the money that my mother gives me when we see each other” he explained to our colleagues. And he didn’t hesitate to to defend the way he was brought up and to contradict what had been said about him. “Seen like that, you might think I was living like a vampire. It’s absolutely false! I’ve never lived as a recluse” he assured, explaining that he participated in particular in Pokémon card tournaments where he made friends, and that his mother took him regularly to antique shops and booksellers.

His mother faces 7 years in prison and a 100,000 euro fine

After speaking with the young boy, the Figaro further clarified that he “expresses himself without any difficulty, in a vocabulary that seems much richer and more varied than that of adolescents of his age”. What lead to think that the education at home carried out by his mother has borne fruit. For now, 14-year-old has to stay home though while his mother, whose custody was taken away from him, was placed under judicial supervision. His trial for deprivation of care or food and evasion by a parent of his legal obligations compromising the health, safety, morals or education of his child will take place on October 5, she faces up to 7 years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros.

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