Rental scooters soon to be excluded from the city of Paris?

The city of Paris plans to put an end to rental scooters (freefloating), because they pose problems. Barring a start from the operators.

Self-service electric scooters are at a turning point. In a few months, they could be excluded from the city of Paris, because of the problems they cause. David Belliard, deputy mayor in charge of mobility, warned the operators of these machines: they must react very quickly if they want to keep their activities in the capital.

Self-service Dott scooters in Paris. // Source: Leopold Mason

Decision on the exclusion of freefloating scooters in October

A meeting took place at the end of September between the officials of the town hall, including David Belliard and Emmanuel Grégoire, first deputy in charge of urban planning, and the companies having deployed “freefloating” scooters in Paris. The observation made by David Belliard on Twitter September 29, after this exchange, is severe, with a list of all the criticisms made of these machines:

The account is not there: scooters parked anywhere, uncertainty about the environmental balance sheet, accidents, uninteresting modal shift, non-compliance with the highway code… “, he writes. The operators have a few weeks to correct the situation, otherwise it will be the end of the freefloating of scooters in Paris. The decision must be made by the end of October at the latest. The contract with these operators should in theory be renewed at the beginning of 2023.

If the exclusion of rental scooter operators is recorded, this will have no impact on private scooters, electric or not. These can still be used to move around, as long as the highway code is respected. These machines are generally stored at home, which does not pose a problem of parking on the sidewalks or on the road.

A year earlier, the city of Paris had already taken a regulatory decision, pushing operators – such as Line, Dott and Tier – to set a maximum traffic speed of 10 km/h in many Parisian places, in particular areas very dense. Electric scooter rental companies apply this directive in more than 700 locations. This slowdown was decided following traffic accidents, including a fatal collision with a pedestrian, hit by a person on a scooter.

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