Repeal of the pension reform: if the executive prevents the vote, we will fall “into a serious democratic crisis”

The bill aimed at repealing the pension reform, tabled by the Liot group, which must be debated on June 8 by the deputies risks giving rise to a first muscular episode on Wednesday in the National Assembly. A proposal deemed “unconstitutional” by Élisabeth Borne who considers it as “a lack of respect for the French”. Does this proposal have a chance of succeeding?

According to the national secretary of the PCF, Fabien Roussel, guest this Sunday of the Grand Rendez-vous d’Europe 1 / CNews /The echoes, “it would be unprecedented for a government or a majority to prevent a parliamentary group from using its niche”. If this is the case, we will enter “a serious and unknown democratic crisis”, he assured. “It is a strong attack against Parliament, against the National Assembly. This text of the law on retirement at 64 has not been voted on in the National Assembly. There have been demonstrations for four months in our country, 13 in all!”

The presidential camp wants to prevent the bill from prospering

Faced with this bill, the deputies of the majority are trying to brandish article 40 of the Constitution which provides that any amendment or bill which degrades the public accounts can be deemed inadmissible. “They want to prevent the vote from taking place,” thundered Fabien Roussel accusing the government of being the main responsible for the fracturing of the democratic situation in the country. “I alert the Prime Minister, I alert the President of the Republic: do not fracture democracy”, he added before proposing a referendum of shared initiative.

“Let’s organize a citizen vote, let’s open polling places in the cities, in the town halls, with the elected officials who would like to organize it, in the market places. We are deprived of this legitimacy to be able to vote. Well, I ask what we can have it. We must give the floor back to the people and give back the floor to the French to come out on top of this democratic crisis”, he declared.

An illegitimate reform?

A reform which is also tainted with illegitimacy according to Fabien Roussel “insofar as there was no vote in the Assembly, insofar as the French, four months later, are overwhelmingly opposed to this reform of pensions, insofar as the intersyndicale and the unions did not have the opportunity to discuss the proposals they put on the table, they were tarnished and humiliated! he launched.

The national secretary of the PCF also called on the French to demonstrate during the 14th day of mobilization scheduled for June 6. “It will be important to demonstrate to tell the government: ‘let the deputies vote on this piece of legislation’, that there is at least one vote on retirement at 64.”

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