Report: Bombs and fighter jets: Biden is “quietly” sending weapons to Israel

Report: Bombs and Fighter Jets
Biden is “quietly” sending weapons to Israel

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Relations between Biden and Netanyahu are currently cold. Despite pressure from Washington, Israel’s head of government is not giving up on his Rafah offensive. However, the upset does not affect promised arms deliveries.

Despite US concerns about Israel’s planned ground offensive against the refugee-filled city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, Washington is continuing to deliver billions of dollars in arms aid to its ally, according to a newspaper report. As the Washington Post reported, citing unnamed officials at the Pentagon and the US State Department, the administration of US President Joe Biden “quietly” approved bombs and bombs in recent days, despite strained relations between the two countries Fighter aircraft to Israel, including 2,000-pound MK84 bombs.

This shows that the US government does not view arms transfers as a means to exert influence over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the report said. Such a means is taboo for Washington, the US newspaper wrote. Relations between Biden and Netanyahu are currently in poor shape. An Israeli delegation was actually supposed to travel to Washington this week. US representatives wanted to address their concerns about the ground offensive in Rafah – and show alternatives. But Netanyahu canceled the trip after the UN Security Council passed a resolution on Monday without opposition from the US that increased international pressure on Israel.

Military aid already approved by Congress

However, the strained relations did not stop Biden from continuing to send weapons and military equipment to Israel, the newspaper wrote. US government officials repeatedly repeat Biden’s promise to Israel to unconditionally support the country in the war against the Islamist Hamas. “Conditioning (military) aid was not our policy,” the newspaper quoted an official as saying. Last week, the Foreign Ministry approved, among other things, the delivery of 25 F-35A fighter jets, it said. This had already been approved by Congress in 2008, so the ministry was not obliged to make a new notification to the legislature. The MK84 and MK82 bombs approved this week were also approved by Congress years ago but have not yet been delivered, they said.

According to the US government, efforts are currently underway to find a new date for a visit by an Israeli delegation to Washington. “We are working on setting a date,” said White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre a few days ago. Netanyahu’s office agreed to reschedule the meeting. When asked, Netanyahu’s office said the head of government had not approved the delegation’s departure. However, it was not denied that discussions were being held.

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