Reporter Tom Henderson’s sources say Sony is working on a new PS5 model

Perhaps you have never noticed it before but, until now, the PS5 has been available in three chassis: A, B and C. As many versions of the same console whose differences in characteristics, that they are technical or aesthetic, generally escape the profane gaze while being very real.

Journalist Tom Henderson has gathered several testimonies from visibly concordant sources which would have confirmed to him the preparation by Sony of a new revision of its console, the D chassis. And this would be accompanied by a major evolution in the presence of a detachable optical disc drive, connected to the console via an additional USB-C port, located on the back of the console. A reader that it would therefore be possible to buy separately if necessary. This new revision of the console should eventually replace the three previous models, again according to the sources of the American journalist.

Aesthetically speaking, this detachable player should not change the appearance of the console and, once connected to it, the illusion of a console made from a single block should be preserved. The sources of Tom Henderson also argue that this new revision should further reduce the weight of the PS5, a goal that the manufacturer has continued to pursue over the various revisions of its machine. Finally, the journalist specifies that Sony would consider producing 18.5 million copies of this new PS5 in the 2023 financial year and only 12 million of the previous revisions in order to initiate their gradual withdrawal.

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