Republicans dump refugees on island

For months, American Republicans have been setting an example in the dispute over immigration policy with provocative actions: migrants are taken in buses across the country to places governed by democracy. Florida’s governor is now taking the strategy one step further.

Venezuelan migrants were dropped off on Democratic terrain in Edgartown, Massachusetts.

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(dpa) In the dispute over immigration policy in the US, Republican governors are expanding their tactics of bringing migrants to democratic parts of the country. On the island of Martha’s Vineyard in the state of Massachusetts, which is known as a posh resort, several dozen migrants surprisingly arrived by plane on Wednesday (local time). The Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, had people brought there, as his office announced in a statement distributed by several US media. Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Thursday ordered two buses full of migrants to be brought near US Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence in Washington.

In the spring, Abbott and his Republican colleague from Arizona, Doug Ducey, began busing migrants from the border areas to the Democratic-governed cities of Washington, New York and Chicago in protest at the migration policy of US President Joe Biden’s administration.

Harsh criticism of Kamala Harris

On Thursday, Abbott chose a special place to drop off migrants from his state in Washington: the immediate vicinity of the official residence of the US Vice President, who has been given the task of combating the causes of flight and curbing illegal migration. Harris denies the crisis and claims the US border is safe, Abbott wrote on Twitter on Thursday: “We are sending migrants into their backyard to ask the Biden administration to do their job and secure the border.”

DeSantis took his colleagues’ idea a step further by using planes instead of buses and choosing a small holiday island instead of a big city.

The statement from DeSantis’ office said that states such as Massachusetts or New York would take better care of the migrants. They “invited” people to come to the US by incentivizing illegal migration and supporting Biden’s “open borders policy.”

Vacation spot of Clinton and Obama

Although Massachusetts has a Republican governor, it is otherwise considered a democratic state, which is also represented in the Senate by two Democrats. Martha’s Vineyard, in particular, is known as a popular vacation spot for prominent Democrats, including the families of former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The Obamas have owned a luxury beachfront villa on the island for a few years. Other celebrities and the wealthy have houses there or spend vacations on the island.

The White House strongly condemned the actions of the Republican governors. Biden’s spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre called her actions “disgraceful”, “reckless” and “plain wrong”. It is a cold, deliberate political stunt. The governors used families and children as political leverage. “It’s inhuman,” she said. “It’s cruel.”

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