Researchers warn – “Suspicious” emissions from majority of diesels

In a comprehensive analysis of tests and studies from several years, the international environmental research association ICCT has found that many diesel cars in Europe have significantly too high exhaust emissions.

The reason for the summary “reassessment” were rulings by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on so-called shutdown devices – cleaning may only be shut down if there is a risk of specific technical damage and safety risks Euro 5 and 77 percent of Euro 6 diesel “suspectly high emissions”, as the researchers reported. In 40 percent of the cases, there were even “extreme” values ​​for harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx). The figures are not based on our own surveys, but on a large test database and second evaluations of exhaust gas tests by authorities and organizations that have been running since 2016. A year earlier, the diesel manipulations at Volkswagen had become known. According to the ICCT, the information covers around 700,000 cars from various European countries. In doing so, the scientists considered different measurement methods – mostly “remote sensing”, i.e. exhaust gas values ​​of passing cars from the roadside, but also tests with measuring devices on the exhaust. They then related the values ​​determined in this way to a threshold value for the respective vehicle type. The German Environmental Aid asked the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) to bring all diesel cars with emission standards 5 and 6 in Germany “in line with the applicable regulations and all to have inadmissible defeat devices removed”. It is about more than eight million cars. An appeal has already been filed against the KBA.
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