Reshuffle: Did Ségolène Royal Lie? Her imbroglio with the Elysée: Current Woman The MAG

Emmanuel Macron is actively preparing Act III of his five-year term. The President of the Republic started the changes to the government by appointing Jean Castex as Prime Minister in place of Edouard Philippe who resigned after being elected mayor of Le Havre in the second round of the municipal elections. Now, the pair composes a new team of ministers which should be announced Monday, July 6, 2020, and already the first rumors appear.

It was on the side of Ségolène Royal that the political sphere was agitated after some surprising declarations. François Hollande's ex-partner asserted on BFM TV Sunday July 5, 2020 that she had been "called by a relative of the President of the Republic" to integrate the new government. "We know who I am, what I said about what has been happening in France today for three years, we know my convictions. So I said "If it is to pursue a more social, more ecological and more democratic policy, make me a proposal". And here we are, " she said.

The denial of the Elysée

This political announcement made a lot of noise, yet the Elysée took the floor to deny everything to the head of the political service of Franceinfo, Jean-Jérôme Bertolus. "Ségolène Royal has never been contacted by close associates of the President of the Republic. No proposal from the Elysée. If it is not excluded that she was approached by an important member of the majority, he was not "missioned" by E. Macron, according to his entourage", noted the journalist on Twitter, putting an end to rumors of the presence of Ségolène Royal in the government.

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