Resident Evil 4 Remake: Get more money fast


In Resident Evil 4 remake you have it much easier if you have more money. We’ll tell you how to get pesetas quickly.

Money is also important in Resident Evil 4. (Source: Capcom)

Even in the most hostile environment, as you will find in Resident Evil 4, a nice trader offers his goods for sale. New weapons, healing objects, suitcase extensions or improvements for your pistols, knives and rifles; a visit to the dealer is always worthwhile.

Of course you need money for the purchase, i.e. pesetas, and you can get these in many different ways. If you kill your opponent, they always leave a little money behind.

Of course, you should also search barrels, crates, and furniture. There is money to be had here too. If you are boating on lakes or rivers, look out for floating barrels and drive over them. So you also secure pesetas.

Find and upgrade rare objects

You can get even more money by selling valuable items, whether they are gems or trinkets such as bracelets. Tip: Find items with sockets, put gems in them, and when they’re fully decorated, sell them for high prices. In this way you secure amounts of well over 10,000 pesetas.

So don’t always sell your gems immediately, but try to use them in objects. Such socketed collectibles are often obtained by solving smaller puzzles or from chests that require specific keys.

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