Resident Evil 4 TEST: it’s time to turn the PS4 page once and for all!

The remake of resident Evil 4 is coming to our shelves, the title is entitled to an “old gen” version only on PlayStation 4. we are looking at this edition running on the “old” machines of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Good things in sight? Let’s do a check in.

On PS4 Pro, this remake is still playing…

First, let’s start with the PS4 Fat. The game launches, the image appears and, if you have a big TV at home, you will be quite disappointed by the graphics. And for good reason, it’s blurry, it’s bland, and the background doesn’t look like much except for a big pile of disturbing mush. For once, and given the rendering, no doubt that Resident Evil 4 does not run in 1080p. As the resolution is lower, developers can save resources to display a (somewhat) smooth image. We don’t reach 60 fps, but this production exceeds 30 frames per second; when the game is not overloaded with on-screen enemies.

Afterwards, on PS4 Pro, Resident Evil 4 is much more enjoyable. Two modes are available in the options. The first, “Frame Rate”, and as its name suggests, allows you to have a fremarate stable within 60 fps, but with a somewhat hazy rendering in the vicinity. The second, “Resolution” is there to impress us showing off a clean and sharper 4K image, but the 30 fps invite themselves to the party. For once, it’s up to you to see if you prefer fluidity or a slightly clicky rendering.

Whether on one side or the other, the developers had to make a lot of concessions to run the beast on such platforms. Thus, several shadows and some elements in the scenery have been removed, the vegetation is less dense, and the physics has been reduced. In addition, we cannot change the rendering of the characters’ hair, and in the background, the opponents’ movements jerk and then, as they approach, become more refined. But the point that makes the big difference with the other editions: the textures. Some are very basic, while others are difficult to display. The title then takes a few (long) seconds to expose a little more detail. It’s damn exhausting…

Another point, the bugs seem to be a little more numerous and frequent. Opponents stuck in a pillar, a wall disappearing in the castle, our character going out of frame… In short, these little problems should be corrected with a patch. To finish, loading times are endless at times, enough to spend a few seconds on your smartphone while waiting. Quickly, we tried the PS4 version on PS5, the loadings are much shorter, in mode ResolutionTHE frame rate is very high, and the textures spread faster!

PS4 Fat on the left, PS5 on the right

Resident Evil 4 on PS5 4Resident Evil on PS4 Fat 1 Resident Evil 4 on PS5 1

On PS4 Pro on the left, on PS5 on the right

Resident Evil 4 on PS4 Pro 3 Resident Evil 4 on PS5 3Resident Evil on PS4 Pro 2 Resident Evil 4 on PS5 2

Resident Evil 4 is a game that was designed for the new machines of the manufacturers, it can be seen and felt from the first steps. The title was chainsaw cut to run on PlayStation 4. Proeven if it was amputated on various points, this remake still passes, but on fat, the urge to turn off the console is felt after a few minutes so much the rendering gives a headache. Only the bravest will embark on this horrific odyssey on the 2013 console… You will have understood, to do on PS4 Pro to enjoy a decent experience.

You can buy Resident Evil 4 on PS4 at €69.99 at Fnac.

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  • Resolution mode on PS4 Pro, clean
  • Frame Rate mode on PS4 Pro, stable and smooth

The lessers

  • On PS4 Fat, the rendering is scary… Run away!
  • Loading times
  • Bugs here and there
  • The few technical issues

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