Resident Evil: The Original Game Soundtrack Comes on Triple Vinyl Edition

Laced Records continues to expand its catalog with original game soundtracks resident Evil on vinyl, the whole saga has passed there now that that of RE Village is available, but the firm still has some on hand. Four years after releasing the soundtrack for the 2002 remake, now Laced Records takes on the first ever Resident Evil again.

Laced Records launches this week the pre-orders of the soundtrack of the Resident Evil of 1996 in triple vinyl edition, gathering the musics of the video game of Capcom as well as remixes. The opportunity to rediscover the compositions of Koichi Hiroki, Masami Ueda and Makoto Tomozawa as well as the reinterpretations of the latter, all in a nice box with artworks once again signed by Boris Moncel.

resident evil vinyl original soundratck keyart 1080x675

The Resident Evil (1996) soundtrack is already available for pre-order at Micromania and at the Fnac for €64.99with black discs. Laced Records exclusively offers a limited edition with gray and red vinyl, this box also includes a felt with the logo ofUmbrella Corporation and a lithograph of a Cerberusthe famous zombie dog.

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