Resident Evil Village: a PSVR 2 version announced on video

Last major installment in the franchise, Resident Evil Village will have marked the players with its slightly less dark and horrifying atmosphere, but just as stressful. The title still follows Ethan Wintersthis time in search of his kidnapped daughter, taking her to a strange snowy village.

An experience of action and survival horror to live at the joystick, but it will not last. On the occasion of State of Play, sony unveiled a version for its future PlayStation VR2 of Resident Evil Village. Details are scant, but the studio will invite us to “dive even deeper into the horror with PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers”, for more thrills. And of course, the big and terrifying Lady Dimitrescu is present in this video in virtual reality. Capcom go into details on the blog playstation :

The PlayStation 5 version of the award-winning Resident Evil Village game joins the PlayStation VR2 universe! In development, the game will offer to play the main campaign entirely in VR.

Currently in development, PlayStation VR2 will allow Resident Evil Village to offer an even more immersive experience thanks to, among other things, striking graphics made possible by the headset’s 4K HDR display, the eye movement tracking of PS VR2 and the technology 3D sound* from the PS5.

Enjoy the sumptuous décor of Dimitrescu Castle like you’ve never seen it before, from its chandeliers dripping with crystals to the details of its ornate furnishings. Thanks to the PS VR2, feel the presence of its occupants who spy on you through its long corridors and prepare to lose your footing in front of its disturbing owner, Lady Dimitrescu.

Resident Evil Village PSVR2 04

In addition to the PS VR2 headset, you will use the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers to materialize and control the hands of the character in the game. Try to protect yourself by raising your arms and Ethan will reproduce the same posture. Draw your pistol and Ethan will do the same. You will now be able to perform dynamic actions such as shooting with a knife in your hand or holding a pistol in one hand and a shotgun in the other. Thanks to their advanced technology, the PS VR2 Sense controllers push the immersion even further.

Resident Evil Village PSVR2 02 Resident Evil Village PSVR2 01

The few combat scenes that we have shown you have been prepared especially to give you an overview of the combat system with the PlayStation VR2. Experience the ultimate horror game in VR and immerse yourself in the heart of the Resident Evil Village universe. Play as Ethan Winters and prepare to defy death!

Stay tuned to not miss any of our next announcements and to know the release date and the price of the game.

*3D audio via built-in TV speakers or analog/USB stereo headphones. Required configuration.

We must therefore be satisfied with this, but there is a good chance that Resident Evil Village be playable in VR from the launch of PlayStation VR2 of sonyat an unknown date.

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