Resident Evil Village could have had a DLC dedicated to Chris Redfield

The DLC of Resident Evil Village will come to close the saga of the Winters family, according to the admission of the director Kento Kinoshita. We will control there Rose Winters in a third-person adventure, which will take place 16 years after the events of the game. But this DLC could have been very different if we believe the insider Dusk Golem, renowned for his information around game licenses. horror of which silent Hill and resident Eviland an interview from the Inside Games site with Kento Kinoshita and Masao Kawada (producer).

Plans postponed to Resident Evil 9?

According to this interview, it was not on Rose that this DLC should focus in the first internal thoughts, but on a better known character: Chris Redfield.

Kinoshita reveals that at some point a Chris-centric adventure was the original plan, and that this DLC was to show us how the character dealt with his remorse after the events of Town, nearly going mad from the guilt he felt. The choice to prefer Rose to Chris all the same quickly arrived, on the one hand to conclude the Winters saga, and on the other to approach a very different aspect of the saga.

All of this will be discovered when the DLC Shadows of Rose will be available for Resident Evil Villageon October 28.

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